A Phone-tini

December 16, 2011

20111216-064656.jpg Being a retailer during the Holidays means little to no travel, as being away from the shops is just not in the picture. But I still long to see close friends who live far away and catch up on what is happening in their life, and just have a nice long chat. That is where the phone-tini comes in. Sitting and chatting with a friend whilst having a cocktail rates pretty high in my book. The phone-tini allows that to happen while on a long distance phone call. Last night, I had a phone-tini scheduled with my nearest & dearest CoCo. It was an 8 o’clock scheduled call where we made martinis at the same time at the beginning of the call–shakers shaking in the background as the conversation began. TPS was at a work dinner, so I came home right after work, fed and walked Bailey, had dinner, lit the candles in the living room, and prepared the fixings for my cocktail. At 8 o’clock the call began. I sat in my favorite comfy leather chair, and we chatted for close to 2 hours. Heaven. It felt like CoCo was sitting in the room with me, chatting away, having a martini as we would do if she was visiting. A perfect way to end a busy, busy day.