Jumbo Ice Cubes

December 19, 2011

20111219-084047.jpg I found the most brilliant ‘thing’ the other day. As many of you are aware of from previous posts, I take my ice cubes quite seriously. I begin each day with an iced coffee, and almost always have a sparkling water with ice going throughout the day. If a G&T occasionally fits in at 5 o’clock, all the better. I was thrilled when I rounded the corner of the original Sur La Table, which is next to my shop in the Market, and spotted these perfectly jaunty green oversized ice cube trays. These are big, I mean really big, ice cubes. I am in love. The nice thing about an oversized cube is it does not melt as quickly, so drinks don’t get as watered down. Plus, they just look cool. The tray is made of a pliable silicon, so getting the cubes out is a breeze. The green color just happened to be a lucky coincidence, as most to everything we have in our city kitchen is some shade of green. I can’t wait to host our next party and serve these in the drinks! Ahhhhhh, the simple pleasures.