Bacon Balsamic Dressing

December 22, 2011

20111222-214412.jpg When my friend Radiance called and said she was working for the local catering company, Gourmondo, and that I had to try an incredible dressing they were starting to package and sell, I was a tad hesitant. I am not usually a bottled dressing kind of guy. But this was Radiance, so I knew she would not be calling unless she thought I would really like it. “Like it” is an understatement. The bacon balsamic is so good, I can’t really see not always having a bottle of it in the fridge. Made with alder smoked center cut bacon, it is infused with custom blended olive oil and balsamic to create a very rich and creamy dressing. I have been serving it over full leaves of Romaine that I just cut the root off of, layer them on the plate, and then drizzle the lettuce with the bacon balsamic. Easy, easy, easy and so yummy. The bottles have been selling like crazy at the shop. I guess there are already lots of fans. Plus I love the graphics on the bottle. A double winner in my book.