Meyer Lemon Love

December 22, 2011

20111222-215650.jpg I am crazy for citrus even more than usual this time of year. The citrus I seek out the most are Meyer lemons. My friend Catherine gave me the gift of a Meyer lemon ohhhhh so many years ago, and I have loved them since. The lemon is actually named after the fellow, Frank Meyer, who introduced it to the United States after collecting a sample on a trip to China in 1908. The thing I like most about them is the sweetness, and how less tart they are than a regular lemon. A slice can transform a regular glass of sparking water into something extraordinary. I was so happy when I found these little twists on one of my buying trips. They are a great little jar to have around when the Meyer lemon is out of season.

They are more expensive than a regular lemon, but they are such a treat. The Meyer lemon yields quite a bit more juice than a lemon, so they are great for when you whip up a vinaigrette or any other recipe that calls for lemon juice.