A Simple Tomato Salad

December 31, 2011

20111231-075040.jpg We really do try and eat seasonally and locally as much as we can, but one of the things I can’t live without through the year are tomatoes. Besides being healthy for you, they are just plain beautiful to look at. The market the other day had a small box of these lovelies pictured above, from Mexico. They were just too pretty to pass up. This really is the simplest thing to do with tomatoes, and it is also one of my favorite. Just slice them in half, or quarter them if they are larger. I find the smallest tomatoes to be the sweetest, so that is what I search out most. Sprinkle liberally with fleur de sel, or whatever chunky sea salt you have on hand. This will help draw out the juices of the tomato, and make them perfect for serving solo. I like to serve them this way with a sandwich for lunch. They are also great this way as a snack in the late afternoon with a piece of cheese. Simple, simple, but of so yummy.

A happy New Year’s Eve to all of you!