Design Words of Wisdom from Terence Conran

January 3, 2012

20120103-060506.jpg Out now, is a special edition of Elle Decor. If you get a chance, pick up a copy. It is like a quick spin around the world–and a stylish spin, at that. But what really stopped me in my tracks was a quote by Sir Terence Conran, who I have long admired for his wearing of multiple design hats; stores, restaurants, hotels. He wears them all very well, and still looks pretty darn dapper at 80.

“My mantra is to create a home that is unpretentious, so that when people come through the door they’re happy to take off their jackets, kick off their shoes, and settle on the sofa with a drink and a book or a magazine.”

Amazing words of wisdom from a design icon, as I think comfort is a key element to good design. That a space is not only aesthetically appealing, but that you feel good when in it.