My Favorite Things Today

January 4, 2012

We always try and get shipments of product the first week of the year, as a new group of goods really helps to freshen up the shops after a busy Holiday season. Here are a few new favorites to ring in the New Year.

20120104-074529.jpg This is a fun way to customize a sign for any room in your home, or even your workspace or office.

20120104-074746.jpg I adore these! The artist puts a mirror where the strings would have been. Takes me back to my tennis days…

20120104-074923.jpg Faux bois melamine plates are great year round. I loved seeing these used at a dinner in the new Martha Stewart book that recently came out. She used them as chargers, and they looked spectacular.

20120104-075231.jpg These penguin water pitchers made me smile when I first spotted them in New York last August. I think they would be a great addition to any bar.

20120104-075402.jpg Just the prettiest white stemware. These are not vintage, but they certainly look it. I think these would be amazing running down the middle of a dining table, using them as vases, with a tight arrangement of buds in them.

20120104-075617.jpg From Italy, these journals are made out of recycled leather. I think they are so handsome. Would also be great left out by the phone or on the desk for note taking.