More of My Favorite Things

January 5, 2012

I just could not help myself. I snapped photos of more things that really caught my eye. Here is another grouping of goods that have become new favorites.

20120105-065538.jpg A stunningly beautiful coffee table book set in the Veuve Clicquot world. The photography is outstanding, and it is filled with recipes too.

20120105-065805.jpg This is as much an art piece as well as a very utilitarian object to be used in your home. Made with a grouping of vintage glove molds, which are set on a stand, the piece can be hung. I see this holding towels or maybe jewelry. Also lovely left unadorned.

20120105-070153.jpg This also is a spectacular coffee table sized book. For the bird lover in your life.

20120105-070327.jpg I know, I have a thing for pitchers. We carried these long ago, and have once again found stock of them. Made in Poland, this green glass pitcher is as good looking empty as it is filled.

20120105-070614.jpg And lastly, Scrappy’s Bitters. This is a local Seattle based company, who churns out some fab herbaceous bitters. A few drops goes a long way to transforming a cocktail or a sparkling soda.

How is it already January?
Happy Thursday to all.