House Beautiful Love

January 6, 2012

20120106-072538.jpg The mailbox is always brimming with new magazines at the beginning of each month. I am like a kid in a candy store, excited with anticipation. I had a group of shoppers ask me the other day what my favorite magazine is at the moment. I really did not have to think too long, as House Beautiful has been the answer for quite some time. This month is no exception. Actually, it is at an all-time high. Under the stylish eye of Editor in Chief, Newell Turner, the magazine just keeps getting better & better. They shoot a great variety of homes, from small to grand, to crazy expensive to done on a budget. My number one complaint with many design magazines is lack of variety. If you are shooting a 10 million dollar apartment, furnished with an equal amount of dough spent on the furnishings, it had better look pretty darn amazing. I like seeing both ranges of the spectrum–from a smartly designed studio to an over the top house. The variety in House Beautiful does just that.

Plus, a few things made my heart sing even louder with this issue. Just the front cover alone made me happy. The assortment of Hugo Guinness works like we sell at the shop, looked great, as did the gorgeous yellow that is so similar to what we recently painted the office, as well as our bedroom in town. The magazine has also named Gabrielle Hamilton, owner and chef of Prune, the new food columnist for 2012. I have written quite a bit in past posts of my love and deep fondness for meals I have had at Prune on my trips to New York. We also sell her book at Watson Kennedy. Congrats Gabrielle! One more reason to anxiously await the coming issues…