When the World Hands You…

January 9, 2012

20120109-114646.jpg When the world hands you champagne cages, make mini chairs out of them! Such is the case with the slew of cages I collected over the very festive Holiday season. To me, champagne symbolizes a celebration. I love saving the corks, and have amassed quite a collection in bowls around the house and at the shops. The cages can be made into the most delightful little chairs. We use them in the jewelry cases at Watson Kennedy, to play off of the earrings and necklaces. TPS is the champagne chair master, and he makes them while sitting by the fire at WestWard. You just need a pliers to undo the cage. Snip the wire that tightens the cage around the neck, and use it to create a decorative back. You can get as creative and as fancy as you would like. They really are fun. I like to use them as place card holders for when we are having a champagne themed dinner too, and then the guests can take them home as a remembrance of the evening.