The Paris Wife

January 19, 2012

20120119-074434.jpg I am enjoying the novel, The Paris Wife, tremendously on these snowy days. Hemingway and Paris, two of my favorites. It centers on his marriage to Hadley Richardson, and is beautifully written.

The snow continues here in Seattle. Growing up in the Midwest where heavy snow is just the norm, it still takes me back when it snows here as it happens so rarely. Many Winters we get no snow in the city at all. Seattle, with all its gloriously steep hills is just not equipped to handle snow, and the city comes close to shutting down. We all made the treacherous trek in yesterday to both shops, and the first 2 people in were guys asking if we would pay them to shovel in front of the shop. Not a good sign. We got lots of projects done, but very few customers. Today is all about ice. It might be a day of staying at home and finishing my book….