Gift Tags & More

January 22, 2012

20120122-074637.jpg I received several e-mails asking about the gift tags that were in my post yesterday. They have become a staple at Watson Kennedy, and are the perfect little tag to hang off of a gift or a bottle of wine or bubbly. The tags were beautifully written originally by our in-house calligrapher Kelli. At 75 cents, they are nifty to have around when you are in a pinch and need a gift tag in a hurry. It is blank on the backside, giving you room to add a little note.

The other tag in the photo is by John Derian. We recently brought in a good number of his gift tags too, and they are fashioned in his creatively put together collaged style. The photo was taken at my shop in the Pike Place Market. You can also get a glimpse of the stylish decoupaged wall that artist Amy Duncan created for me many years back. I still adore it as much today as when she first worked on the project.