Dunes and Duchess Love

January 26, 2012

When I was walking the show in New York last August, I was stopped in my tracks by the beauty and simplicity of Dunes and Duchess. Combining Old World style with a very Modern flair, stylish creators Stacy Kunstel & Michael Partenio are making amazingly beautiful candelabras, sconces, tables and lamps. I was most taken with the high gloss black pieces, which I quickly honed in on, knowing they would look great in the shop, and stellar in your home.



20120126-083751.jpg The standing 4 arm candelabra would work beautifully in a loft space, and be equally cool in a very vintage library. This is where I think the Dunes and Duchess goods excel. They work in such a variety of spaces.


20120126-084225.jpg I just reset the dining table at one of the shops, and the 4 arm table candelabra works perfectly. I went with a black and white theme and the striped candles were a natural. The high gloss black is downright sexy. It just elevates the whole look of the table.



20120126-084649.jpg The 2 arm wall sconce again looks fab with the striped candles. These can also be wired to be electrified, but I am a fan of candle sconces. Growing up, our home always had numerous candle scones, so they bring me back to my childhood. I say light away! A room with candles burning in a sconce is really such a glorious sight.

We are off to New York on Sunday for another buying trip, as well as visiting our property in the Hudson River Valley and meeting with our architect. More on that next week. I can hardly wait to see what new things Dunes and Duchess has waiting…