Buvette Love

February 1, 2012

20120201-053058.jpg My oh my, was I in culinary & design detail heaven yesterday morning. Those are not 2 things that always go hand and hand, but at Buvette, our new favorite find in NYC, they most certainly do.

20120201-053359.jpg In the West Village, at 42 Grove Street, between Bleecker & Bedford, this tiny space is big on flavor and design detail. Truly, I was a bit weak in the knees at how good both aspects were.

20120201-053812.jpg We arrived a minute or so before 8 when they open during the week for breakfast. They were incredibly gracious about having us come in and finding a spot even before they were really open. It was fun to watch the theater of it all unfold, as a new day began in the beyond charming space. Water was poured from cool vintage looking apothecary bottles. I took a few photos for the post today, and then the culinary experience began.

20120201-054228.jpg As most of you know, I love small, intimate, cozy spaces. Buvette is all of that in spades. The tiny table becomes this artful tableau once drink and food starts arriving.



20120201-054540.jpg There was not one bite, morsel or sip that did not satisfy completely. Dishes are delivered on vintage compotes, so the food is at varying heights at your table. Owner/chef Jody Williams arrived as we were enjoying our meal. Cheers to you Jody for creating a culinary work of art! We love frequenting eateries that are individually owned, where you really see the passion of the owner shine. Buvette is that type of place. I look so forward to frequenting it on each of my visits.