Kale & Purple Cabbage Salad

February 4, 2012

20120204-065820.jpg I first had a version of this salad when Pam and I were having dinner with her daughter and new hubby at Henry’s on the Upper West Side. They knew the chef well, so they were able to coax the recipe out of him, and were so kind and shared it with me. I have since made it several times, and it is a very tasty and super healthy salad. I roasted a chicken last evening for a late dinner with our host Devin–he drove in after work from the city–and the kale & purple cabbage salad was perfect along with it.

Here we go.
Cut kale into bit sized pieces, being sure to remove the tough rib down the middle. Cut purple cabbage into bit sized pieces, making sure to leave out the tough core. Mix the kale and cabbage in a bowl, using more kale than cabbage. Set aside.

The vinaigrette for this uses maple syrup which really cuts the bitterness of the kale. Use the best maple syrup you can find. In a separate bowl juice 1 lemon. Add one tablespoon of maple syrup. Then whisk in a fourth of a cup of extra virgin olive oil along with a pinch of salt.

Toast hazelnuts for a quick bit on the stove top in a small pan to warm them and help release their natural oils. Add a quarter of a cup of them to the greens. Next add a half of a cup of dried cranberries. Then add a half of a cup of finely grated Parmesan. Mix all together.

Now add the vinaigrette to the mixture and mix again. Done. Once plated, add a little sprinkling of more Parmesan to each. Enjoy!

Our plans were postponed for a day after an early wake up yesterday to meet our architect and visit our property in the Hudson River Valley. We are off in just a bit. Photos tomorrow, I promise.