Quite Possibly the Coolest EVOO

February 15, 2012

20120215-090305.jpg Ever. I get excited about new goods. Often. It is just how I am wired. My feet hit the ground in the morning and I start humming or singing. Badly. But that has never stopped me. When good things are out there, I want people to know about it. Grove 45 Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of those things. I was first exposed to the gorgeous brushed aluminum bottle with the embossed pewter label on a trip to Napa. It was being sold at a tiny market, and I just could not take my eyes off of that bottle. When I contacted the owners of Grove 45 about carrying it at Watson Kennedy, I was told it has a very limited production and that they were sold out, so I put my order in for this year. The bottles arrived yesterday. It was a fun, crazy busy Valentine day at the shop, but my excitement to see all of the beautiful bottles on the shelf could not be contained. Amid all the wrapping of gifts, Olivia & Amy got the boxes opened and all the bottles priced and out onto our shelves. I could not be more pleased to offer this estate bottled EVOO. Grove 45 is organically hand farmed and harvested. It has an intense green color, and a fruity & spicy flavor. What is in the bottle is as beautiful as the container. A double winner in my book.