Tulips, Ice Buckets & Memories

February 18, 2012

20120218-065153.jpg Certain things can trigger a memory, and in this case, it is a happy one. The Market had the most gorgeous tulips the other day, and I could not resist buying a few abundant bunches. When I got them home, and spread them out to clean & cut, I spotted an ice bucket that I wanted to use them in. I was instantly thrown back to being on a boat for Opening Day of boating season 20+ years ago. Our friends Keith & Mary Kay had invited us to join them. When we walked onto the boat, in the center of the dining table was this crystal ice bucket overflowing with a massive amount of tulips. TPS and I were just a few years out of college, and the idea of creating such an abundant, simple arrangement had not really slipped into my design conscious yet. It is a visual I will never forget. It is also a memory of our friend Keith that will stay with me always.