My Favorite Things Today

February 22, 2012

Boxes and goods are arriving daily from orders I had placed at the show a few weeks ago. A quick walk around the shop and I snapped a few new favorites. It is always a treat seeing the things on the shelves and mixed into displays, as it really does bring them full circle, from when I placed the order and try to visualize how and where they will end up. Of course, the end result is that someone will fall as madly in love with something as I have, and enjoy it immensely. That is always my hope & goal.

20120222-074430.jpg This artisan cutting board is new, with an old soul.

20120222-074525.jpg I am crazy for these horn combs. They have a Downton Abbey feel to them.

20120222-074730.jpg A variety of crowns embellish these plates. These made my heart sing!

20120222-074826.jpg This is a wood plate that is designed to sit atop a wine glass, so when you are standing at a party, you can have it rest on your wine glass and have a free hand to eat with. So clever.

20120222-075040.jpg My favorite nougat candy bar from France. I crave these when I am vintage shopping in Paris.

20120222-075136.jpg French rolling pins–such beautiful objects, as well as functional.

20120222-075319.jpg A new scent from London based Molton Brown.

20120222-075405.jpg Splendidly written and photographed by the author of her much read blog, by the same name.

20120222-075547.jpg And lastly, an incredibly soft throw blanket. I zeroed right in on this Hermes-y orange, which I can never get enough of.