Vintage Typewriters at Watson Kennedy

20120223-060804.jpg We received the first of an assortment of vintage typewriters that will soon be interspersed throughout the shops. Watson Kennedy has always had a small variety here and there, but I have really seen an uptick in interest in the past year. This prompted me to source both refurbished and non-refurbished models. Some folks just like the idea of having a vintage typewriter for display, and are not really interested in using it. Others like the idea of really tapping away at it, and actually using these glorious machines. We will now be covered on both bases. Pictured here is a Corona Four, which was released in 1924. The sound of me tapping away on it yesterday stopped some customers in their tracks. There is just something about that sound, and the feel as your fingers hit the keys that just brings you back. For some this might not be a good memory, while others like me, are brought back to a happy time. I associate it with my Dad. He was a single finger typer, but boy was he fast. I would sit at his office waiting for him to take me to a tennis tournament, while he finished his work with that sound wafting in the air.

More models will be arriving in the coming weeks.


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  1. I love vintage typewriters…I’m from the time of learning to type on a real typewriter; used a telex machine when I first entered the workforce…and type with my fingers in proper position 😉 Computer keys never built strong finger muscles 🙂 I think it’s wonderful that there’s a sense of going back to the simple joys of life…This model you have is absolutely wonderful.

  2. Hi Jacquelyn. I could not agree more! Cheers to the simple joys! Ted

  3. ok…could not resist…are you sure you don’t need some of these notecards for the shop?!
    I love the old typewriters too!

  4. I must agree with Jacquelyn in that I too love vintage typewriters. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a 1930’s Remington in a consignment shop not too long ago. I have it displayed with a vintage printing set and old pocket watches in our entry. I always wonder what stories these machines would tell if they could speak.

  5. Hi Amy. Let me take a look and check it out, Ted

  6. Hi Mary. Truly, what great stories they would tell. Ted

  7. there’s definitely something in the air with with our “typewriter” fascination – I chuckled when I saw this post – I’d just posted mine the day before. BTW love everything about the environment in your shops – appeals to all the senses and all sexes – I dragged my husband in with me and had to drag him out! that’s a first –

  8. Hi Kathy. Fab post! We are of like mind:). Thank you for the kind words about the shops. Happy both of you liked. Bestest, Ted

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