Maldon Sea Salt Travel Tins

February 24, 2012

20120224-070541.jpg A few months back, I wrote about the contents of my Filson bag that I carry with me each day, as requested by a customer. In it, was a small travel tin of Maldon sea salt. It had been a gift from the company that I buy the boxes of salt from for Watson Kennedy. We received so many requests regarding those tins, that said lovely company has decided to offer the travel tins, and in turn, we will now be offering them at the shop and on the website. As I wrote in that post, good salt is good salt. Having a small pinch to add to your meal when you are out & about, far surpasses normal table salt. Founded in 1882, England’s Maldon Salt Crystal Company still draws salt from seawater using traditional long-handled rakes. The result is the world famous chunky, pyramid shaped crystals.

A happy Friday to one and all!