Fresh Windows

February 25, 2012

20120225-072017.jpg It was an early morning start yesterday, as our goal was to give both windows at the Home store a complete re-do. Display & design are 2 aspects of owning retail stores that get my heart racing the quickest. To be able to create a completely new look in a matter of hours–I just love it!

20120225-072755.jpg With Amy & Heather by my side, we raced right through getting the windows emptied and cleaned. Now onto the fun part. For the first window, I really wanted to have the new console take center stage, and treat it like a desk. The Lucite ghost chair working perfectly to almost just disappear, and not block things. The vintage charts and maps are a new find. More on those for a later post. I acquired 100’s of them, so I really wanted to highlight these too. We treated them almost like wallpaper, covering the entire wall. The Lucite based vintage glove mold lamps had been waiting for just the right spot, as well as the vintage typewriter. I like to create a story for each window in my head, before it begins. It ended up just as I had pictured it.

20120225-073528.jpg We did the same wall treatment for the second window. The coloring of the maps working nicely with the fabric on the vintage chairs.

20120225-073652.jpg The little side tables are new. I found these at the show in New York last month. They are holding lamps made from vintage soldering irons.

20120225-074147.jpg A set of green vintage Harvard Classics books were set about, as well as vintage floats.

Fresh windows just re-energizes things. I love how customers come in and mention them right away. It was a perfect way to start a Friday morning. A few flower stems were added, and we were off and running.