A Martini with Bunny Williams

March 10, 2012

20120310-074010.jpg On Friday evenings when we don’t have guests coming for dinner, I like to grab a design book from one of the stacks at the shop before we head home. I find perusing the book while having my martini before dinner such a relaxing start to the eve.

20120310-074559.jpg Bunny Williams latest book, ‘Scrapbook For Living’ came out a year or so ago, but I had not really taken the time to give it a good look.

20120310-074840.jpg It really is more of a “how to” guide to setting up your home. Not surprising, it is set up incredibly well, with tons of great advice & design words of wisdom.

20120310-075013.jpg At first I was not happy with how my photos were turning out while I was snapping away. It was the end of a busy Friday at the shop, and I could not get as sharp a photo as I was wanting. When I got home and really started looking through the book, I was delighted by the dreamy photography of Amy Archer. Her style has an ethereal quality to it–and is not always in focus. Turns out my shots of the book would be an homage to her style, without really knowing it at the time.

20120310-075453.jpg Bunny Williams’ work has always had a very lived-in, comfortable bent to me, and the book reflects just that.

20120310-075632.jpg It is filled with tip after tip on how to make your home comfortable, with great style.

20120310-080005.jpg As she so perfectly states in her introduction, “What is it that gives a home real magic? A home that, from the moment you walk through the door, creates an impression of not just beauty, but of emotion as well; a home with a soul.”