Delightful Daffodils

March 11, 2012

20120311-082654.jpg The weather forecast is something like 8 straight days of rain, so a quick stroll through the Market was in order yesterday for a bit of flower therapy. Seeing all of those gorgeous blooms on a rainy day just lifts the spirit. They also do wonders to add a hit of color & life to an inside space during the Winter months. This variety of daffodil just has such an elegant, yet energetic look to it. A simple bunch was all that was needed to create a grouping of single stem vases and a solo, tall, vintage vase. For the singles, I used these beautiful one of a kind mini-vases that an artist produced in varying shades of white, pulling the white out of the flower. For the tall vase, I just cut the daffodils fairly short, so the heads rested on top of the lip. They worked perfectly set about, adding a bit of Spring to the shop.