Santa Maria Novella Pot-Pourri at WK

March 15, 2012

20120315-075154.jpg A customer asked me the other day, “What is your new favorite hostess gift?” Without hesitation, I walked her over to the oversized Juliska compote we have using to display the Santa Maria Novella pot-pourri at Watson Kennedy. A bag of this magical mix makes for a great gift that will make any host or hostess quite happy. The pot-pourri is made from a secret formula using a blend of herbs & flowers, all grown without pesticides in the Florentine hills exclusively for Santa Maria Novella. Each batch is collected by hand, soaked in essence in centuries-old earthenware jars which are sealed with wax, then aged for several months, then carefully packaged as it has been for centuries. It has become my go-to gift that I love giving, because I know how much it will be enjoyed.