The Whole Hog

March 17, 2012

20120317-081138.jpg Recipes & lore for everything but the oink, is the tag line for this entertaining and informative cookbook. I thought I would like this book, and it has not disappointed. It really is much more than just a cookbook–with a mix of historical, geographical and culinary stories, as well as great recipes for how to cook different cuts of pork.

Ahhhh technology… Love it when it works smoothly, and am a fish out of water when it does not. Yesterday was one of those days. First, the blog entry on WordPress took several attempts to load, then the blog was acting wonky, then the Watson Kennedy website was loading super slow. Then the blog post was not getting picked up by Networked blogs and posted onto our Facebook and Twitter pages. My neck muscles growing tighter as the day progressed. Terms like ‘patching’ and ‘rebooting’ get bantered around and my mind goes foggy. I think all has been fixed and figured out, and all is back to normal in my technology world. Fingers crossed.

A happy Saturday to all!