Perky Parrot Tulips

March 19, 2012

20120319-103605.jpg I try not to play favorites, but if truly pressed to give my ‘final answer’ then I would have to say that parrot tulips are my favorite bloom. The poetic gestures of the stems, the incredible color variation in the flamboyant ruffled flower–I could go on and on. It is so very sweet, my love of parrot tulips is so well known among my favorite flower vendors in the Market, that they set bunches aside for me. The above red with a touch of yellow finding a perfect spot this week-end. A few blooms did not fair well on the ferry journey, and snapped mid-stem. I take those and cut them back even shorter and put them in the simplest of water glasses with the head of the flower resting inside the glass. It gives it a bit of a terrarium feel, which I quite like, as you can see inside the bloom. I set these on side tables throughout the house. The yellow and red mimicking the colors of the Meyer lemons and grape tomatoes.