Agraria Bitter Orange

20120321-075802.jpg An Agraria bitter orange candle sitting in a woven cane holder is one of those things I associate with Old World style & a certain amount of sophistication. The scent of clove, zest of bitter orange and a touch of cypress warms any room that it is lit in. From its earliest days in San Francisco at the shop where it originated, to Henri Bendel’s in New York, where the scent floated out onto the sidewalk–Agraria bitter orange has always signified a level of good taste. The New York Times calling the unique, spicy fragrance, “uplifting, mysterious and androgynous in its appeal.”

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  1. I can hardly wait…I have arranged my calendar so I can take a trip to Seattle…see you Wednesday!

  2. Perfect! Please say hi when you are here–I would love to meet. Best, Ted

  3. No doubt, having bitter oranges as one of those scents in candles is surely a good one. It has a smell that you are in tropics. You know what, bitter oranges are being marketed as a natural weight-loss product. Or may have some uses as a natural remedy for a multitude of different ailments.

  4. We love our bitter orange! Ted

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