The Sweetest Bracelets

March 22, 2012

20120322-073517.jpg A lovely woman shopping at Watson Kennedy last week asked me why I never write about the jewelry we carry. The answer was simple, jewelry is tough to photograph. The photos of jewelry I had photographed just were not as clear as I was wanting. I shoot the photos for the blog & website exclusively from my iPhone. It has just proved to be the handiest and most efficient way to get everything done in a timely manner. I just upgraded to the latest version of the phone, and man o’ man, the camera is incredible.

20120322-074343.jpg That all said, and so sorry for the long, boring explanation–but the up side is I will now be able to show some of our beautiful baubles.

20120322-074618.jpg These sweet, sweet bracelets will start us off! Made in upstate New York, they have a vintage feel to them, but they are not. The mixing of metal and the positive thought stamped into it makes for a bracelet that could be worn solo, and would also be great mixed in with other bracelets.