Vintage Maps & Charts

20120327-072413.jpg I wrote a few weeks back of the windows we refreshed with vintage maps and charts. I had promised to fill you in a bit, once we got all of them rolled and tagged properly.

20120327-072717.jpg These really are such gems. With dates ranging from early 1920 to the 60’s, and locations from around the globe.

20120327-073025.jpg I think they work great unframed and just pinned to the wall. That is what we have done with similar maps at our week-end place on Vashon, and that has worked perfectly.

20120327-073258.jpg They would also be exceptional framed. These are the 2 windows at the Home store that we are currently displaying a few in. I love how the sun created a reflection of the ‘fine home’ logo onto the wall over the maps–a bit like a watermark.

20120327-073550.jpg We acquired hundreds of these from a collector. I am thrilled to be offering them at Watson Kennedy.

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  1. Those two window displays are still as stunning as the first time I saw them in another post. They are perfection.

  2. Soooooo happy you like them. They are 2 of my favs too!

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