When the World Hands You…

March 28, 2012

20120328-071747.jpg When the world hands you a large amount of branches, make a display of them. That was my thought when a very old apple tree on our property on Vashon Island finally came tumbling down. The moss & lichen covered branches were just too wondrous to get rid of.

20120328-072327.jpg My shop in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market has a suspended ceiling grid. Over the years, I have really come to love it, as the grid allows us to hang things off of it. The branches would be a welcome addition.

20120328-072657.jpg I wanted to create a bit of an enchanted forest look, with the branches having the feel of working their way through the ceiling and grid. The effect really cocoons the space, creating an even more intimate feel. Just what I was going for.