My Favorite Things Today

March 30, 2012

20120330-065919.jpg Actually, it is more like, “My Favorite Vintage Things Today” as everything I have chosen this go round has been found on vintage hunting & gathering excursions. The vintage objects we sell at Watson Kennedy are some of the things most dear to my heart. Goods that have lived a life–if they could speak, oh what stories they would tell. Things with a history. I have always felt that we are just the guardian, and that each object is just waiting for the right home.

20120330-070710.jpg I also like finding things and thinking of different uses for them. These vintage jacks I envisioned with a pair of beeswax candles in them.

20120330-070902.jpg These glasses are super thin, with the sweetest little star pattern etched randomly on them.

20120330-071028.jpg I have rarely met a Revere bowl I did not like. We use them to hold a myriad of things in the shops–vintage playing cards, tubes of lotion, Fran’s salted caramels. The form is just a classic. I like them when they have been freshly shined, and like them when they have gone super tarnished.

20120330-071411.jpg These glasses are uber thick and heavy, with a sweet dot pattern on the outside. A substantial bubbly glass, as well as a killer single stem vase.

20120330-071611.jpg Shells made into salt cellars always makes me weak in the knees. This is just a pretty, pretty pair.

20120330-071750.jpg The second I spotted this wood chalice, I knew it would look great filled with Agraria potpourri.

A very happy Friday to you!
TPS is heading to New York this afternoon to visit family and meet with our architect. I am having the WK family over for pizza & martinis in his absence. It will be a night filled with many stories, and much, much laughter.