A Simple Table

March 31, 2012

20120331-064430.jpg It all started with a bag of Meyer lemons. I typically set the table the eve before we have guests over. The idea of how I want to set it mulls around in my brain sometimes days before, and sometimes minutes before. With TPS away, I thought it would be fun to invite the WK family to join me for pizza and martini night–our Friday evening tradition. I took my starting point for the table with the bag of Meyer lemons we picked up at the Vashon grocer days before. The warm, vibrant yellow would be great against the red bowl and the red-lidded apothecary jars.

20120331-065239.jpg Then I think about some Limoges plates we have a set of that we sold at Watson Kennedy ages ago, that have lemons on them. They would be set atop a simple white plate. These are our plates that we use almost everyday, and I rarely use when we have guests. Hands down one of our better investments, as they have lasted for years, and work in so many different table setting scenarios. I titled this ‘A Simple Table’ because it really was about using what we had at home, and adding a few fresh things to liven it all up.

20120331-065700.jpg With yellow as the primary hit of color, the hunt at the Market was on for yellow tulips. Success! I just wanted to scatter them about in clear, single stem vases.

20120331-065917.jpg A simply folded, simple white cotton napkin would do the trick.

20120331-070025.jpg A clear stemmed glass for water to give a little height. The French fruitwood table left bare adding an earthy element. I would place clear votive holders with candles around the tulips right before everyone arrived.

20120331-070328.jpg The table was set. All inspired by that bag of lemons. It was a perfect night. There was not a minute of dead air time, as story after story was told, and laughter filled the room.