Kale, 2 Ways

April 1, 2012

20120401-072625.jpg Actually, make that 3, as we made a salad from some of it too. The super vibrant, superfood kale was what caught my eye in the Market last week. I bought 2 bunches of it, and thought the kale would look really cool in one of the displays at the shop.

20120401-072917.jpg I took 2 simple French drinking glasses and filled each with one of the bunches. The lush green working beautifully to spruce up a display for the day.

20120401-073136.jpg I then packed it up after a busy Saturday, and the bunches made the ferry journey to the island. They would become the ‘flowers’ for the dining table.

20120401-073356.jpg The leafy greens so hearty and visually appealing. I made a warm vinaigrette and we had a kale salad with a few of the leaves along with a roasted chicken. Food for the eyes and body.

Check out the article about our beloved Vashon Island in the ‘Travel’ section of The New York Times today. Very fun!