The Cameo is Back

20120405-072315.jpg Actually, at Watson Kennedy, the cameo has never left. Imagine my surprise when I read in Vogue a few months ago that the cameo has made a big comeback. I laughed, because we have carried cameo earrings & necklaces for as long as I can remember.

20120405-072729.jpg I guess we are cooler now. I smile as I type that. It all seems so silly. A cameo is a Classic, with a capital C. A classic never goes out of style.

20120405-073104.jpg We carry intaglio and cameo. The difference is, an intaglio is carved into the surface of a medium. A cameo is a raised image above the surface. The variety we carry are created by a small group of artisans in Western Europe. Glass, fossilized ivory, jet and shell are used to create the spectacular pieces we carry at Watson Kennedy.

20120405-074013.jpg As I mentioned in a post a week or so ago, I am much happier with the clarity of the images I am getting of the baubles we carry. All the above jewelry is some of my very favorite that we stock.


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  1. Are you channeling my inner fashionista wanna-be or am I just thinking like a true WK fanatic? “Classic” is the first word, indeed, I think when I hear the word cameo. Those in this post are wonderful! And the display stand with the little birdy is something I might need to have at home……..

  2. Hi Mary! Gald you like–they are some of my very favorites. Happy Thursday, Ted

  3. the cameo is classic…I love the variety you have, especially in the last picture on the right…how did I miss those when I was in the store? Oh well, an excuse to visit again.

  4. You will just have to visit again soon:) Ted

  5. love cameos! they remind me of both my mom and my grandmother. such a classic! love the pair on the right in second photo and pair on the left in the fourth photo. are they still in the shop?

  6. They really are such a classic! We will check and see if we have those when you are next in, or can do a special order too, if they have sold. Ted

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