Being In the Moment

April 15, 2012

20120415-080251.jpg Yesterday in Seattle was just a glorious day of clear skies and sunshine. A day so good, that the days of past rainy & gray just wash away from memory. I got up a bit earlier than usual as I really wanted to spend extra time strolling through the Market, and not be in a hurry. It was a very conscious decision to slow down, to soak it all in, and to be in the moment. Saturday mornings are usually a hustle and bustle to get a ton done before I have to open the shop at 10. But not yesterday. I would slow my pace and take it all in. The above photo was taken while the butcher at Don & Joe’s worked on cutting up chicken for our Sunday eve meal. I walked around the corner and just stood there taking it all in–the ferry boat in the distance on the Puget Sound, the snow on the Olympic mountains, the sounds of conversations going on around me. Just completely lost in the moment, but completely present in it at the same time. Feeling so alive, so grateful, so still.