And More Candlesticks…

April 20, 2012

20120420-064703.jpg As promised, here is a further look at my walk around snapping away at some of the candlesticks we carry at Watson Kennedy.

20120420-064920.jpg This round is filled with color. The vibrant yellow of the above Dunes and Duchess 2 arm candelabra will perk up any space. The yellow side table is from the duo too, with a yellow striped pair of Ana candles filling a vintage set of wood candlesticks with the addition of white milk glass balls. I was quite taken with these, as I had never seen a set of holders quite like these.

20120420-065554.jpg The cobalt blue of these glass candlesticks working perfectly set against the vintage blue apothecary jars.

20120420-065713.jpg This assortment of glass holders would look great running down a long dining table.

20120420-065836.jpg This sweet pink one looks fun set amongst other pink things.

20120420-070004.jpg We have a pair of these in our all green kitchen.

20120420-070056.jpg This green glass candlestick has a very vintage vibe to it, even though it is new.

There you have it. A quick look at some of my favorite candlesticks. The grouping is continually changing, so I am always on the hunt to keep the collection fresh. A happy Friday to each and every one of you!