At Home by Suzanne Rheinstein

April 21, 2012

20120421-072522.jpg I have had the book, At Home, by Suzanne Rheinstein out for several weeks on our coffee table. I keep going back to many of the dreamy vignettes, and enjoying all the layers of detail.

20120421-072905.jpg She is known for her relaxed, elegant style–and is a master of taking an eclectic mix of furnishings & objects from the past and arranging them in a fresh, inspiring way.

20120421-073210.jpg Suzanne is also a shop keeper, of the lovely Hollyhock, in Los Angeles.


20120421-073432.jpg She has a keen appreciation for special luxuries, and feels that how you live your life each day in your home is much more important than getting your house together for a special occasion. I could not agree more!

20120421-073727.jpg The book was photographed by Pieter Estersohn, whose work I have long admired. There is an ethereal quality to many of the images.


20120421-073938.jpg But the pages I keep going back to see time and again, are of Rheinstein’s own prewar pied-a-terre in New York. It is just such a beautiful space, both elegant and comfortable.