Lily-Flowered Tulips

April 26, 2012

20120426-071127.jpg I am always astonished when I stroll the Market and see the unbelievable variety of tulips this time of year. The stalls bursting with color. The latest flower to catch my eye were these pointy red variety, that are lily-flowered tulips.

20120426-071454.jpg I picked up a large bunch, and they were enjoyed for the day by customers at the check-out counter.

20120426-071719.jpg They then made the ferry journey to the island where they would fill the house and dining table for the week-end.




20120426-072045.jpg They worked perfectly scattered about the table in single stem vases, allowing for each stem to really shine. They also picked up the hue of the rose’ and were fun to admire while we sat and had our meal.