Are Those Real?

May 7, 2012

20120507-072907.jpg Was the question I was asked repeatedly 2 Saturdays ago, when these amazing tulips graced us with their presence on the wrap stand at the Market shop. Oh yes, these beauties are real. The above lone tulip with a streak of yellow, different than the rest of the bunch. That deserved to be showcased in a vintage single stem vase.

20120507-073450.jpg The tight striped heads resembling peppermint balls from the Holidays.

20120507-073625.jpg But when they start to open up, that is when the magic begins.

20120507-073739.jpg They lasted the entire week out at the beach house. When we came in late Saturday eve, they were still looking pretty swell. I cut them way back, and clustered the droopy heads into a fairly tight bunch, and put them in a vintage white Floraline vase.

20120507-074104.jpg Day 10, and their beauty still breathtaking.