Watson Kennedy Matches Strike Again

May 16, 2012

20120516-075526.jpg They are back! Our new batch of matches arrived late yesterday afternoon. Just in the nick of time for our New York trip. Over the years, we have given a box of matches when a customer buys a candle. I have just always liked the graciousness of giving a small treat, like the matches, when a candle is purchased. Plus, both shops have hotels within close proximity, so many guests like to light a candle in their room. I have had customers say that many stylish homes they visit have a box of Watson Kennedy matches sitting next to the candles–I love that!

20120516-080149.jpg I also thought it would be fun to use them in place of business cards on this upcoming trip. I will be attending the Blogfest on Design for a few days next week (more on that in the coming days) and thought the matches could be something different to hand out instead of a card.