A Day of Vintage Shopping

May 20, 2012

20120520-064624.jpg As I typed that title, I smiled. I know, I am one very lucky man–and trust me, I know it and am thankful each and every moment of each and every day. I love hunting, scouring & gathering all the goods for Watson Kennedy. I am actually headed out shortly to spend another day buying, but this time it is at the National Stationery Show. It will be a glorious paper filled day. I can hardly wait.

Shopping for vintage though, holds a special place in my heart. There is something about finding an object that is old and giving it a new life & new home that really speaks to me. I think vintage things really give a home soul. I get pretty focused when I am buying, so please forgive me, but I only snapped a photo when I began my day, and then I took another at the end of the buying day when I realized I had not taken any more. The Bakelite rings looked just edible and yummy all gathered together in that bowl. I bought a grouping, and think they will make great, simple napkin rings. The mother of pearl buttons–oh my gosh, my heart was racing as I first stumbled onto them at the very beginning of the day. Look for silver bowl after silver bowl filled with these beauties.


What I find so sweet when I am out and about vintage shopping, is how many folks have their pooches with them. TPS and Bailey are flying in today. I am so used to having Bailey by my side each day, I felt like a stalker chatting with all the dogs yesterday, missing her next to me.


Culinary highlight of the day. Sitting outside for dinner at Peels in the early evening May sun. I sometimes dream of their fried chicken. It is that good. I was not dreaming last night. Paired with their signature buttermilk biscuit and herbed-chili honey, a salad wedge and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, it was the perfect way to end a full day of vintage shopping. www.peelsnyc.com