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20120525-082001.jpg Throwing a good party is an art form. And I am talking a good party, not an average party. The closing event for the Blogfest on Design I attend the past few days in New York, was in the showroom of The New Traditionalists. These gents know how to throw a party. Smartly dressed folks, swell drinks, hearty food, just the right music–and the stage was set for a festive evening. It has been the only party I have ever attended that served fried chicken presented on oversized wood cutting boards. Creative indeed. The party took place around all the beautiful pieces they create, that are designed in New York and manufactured in New England. The parting treat was a muslin bag which included matches (which you know I love) as well as a handkerchief. The spot-on finishing touch to a pretty darn perfect party.


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  1. Ted, I was delighted to spend time with you at The New Traditionalists! They are a fabulous company – and really know how to throw a party.

    Congratulations on one year of blogging! Meeting you was one of my highlights of Blogfest2012.

  2. Hi Marcy! Right back at you. It was such a delight to meet you. You were the reason we had such a great time at that party, as you were so gracious at introducing so many cool folks to all of us. I look so forward to getting to know you and your fab blog better. Happy, happy Memorial Day week-end, Ted

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