The Meaning of Roses

May 26, 2012

20120526-055157.jpg Yellow roses to be exact. 3 varieties of 700 yellow roses to be even more exact. My day yesterday was filled with them. You all know I was heaven. Any day I can be messing around with flowers is a very good day. Thank goodness she chose roses over tulips, as the 90 degree Midwest weather would have just eaten up my beloved tulip. The roses on the other hand–they are a hearty stock. This is the wedding of my brother’s daughter, Sarah. She is the first of his 4 children to be married. She takes after her Uncle, and is quite organized, a list maker, knows what she likes, and is a ‘make it happen’ soul. She scoffed at the idea of a wedding planner, and has organized this wedding down to the last minute detail. We have been texting each other for the last year, going over tons of the details. I offered to do the flowers for her, and that is where the yellow rose story comes in. I am of the mindset that sticking with one type of flower really makes a strong visual impact, and is much less complicated to work with if you are not engaging the services of a florist or floral designer. She liked the idea, so roses it would be. She chose 3 varieties, had them delivered early, and they have opened to near perfection. I wanted it to feel like we just walked out to the garden and clipped them on a warm day. Choosing a few varieties in the same color also adds a bit of visual interest, as they all open a bit differently. A quick Google and I was happy to see that they represent joy, gladness, and the promise of a new beginning. Right on mark for the day.