Creating Your Nest

June 5, 2012

20120605-055904.jpg The other morning I was waiting in our lobby and the taxi was running quite late to take me to work at one of the shops. I was sitting looking out the front door, and noticed the sweetest little bird building a nest under the awning of our building. Away it flew and would bring back bits and pieces to add to the home. Occasionally, it would bring something in, and seem not to care for it, and then flew right back out with it. I was transfixed. Watching this little creature create this nest piece by piece was magical. The taxi arrived, and the nest was quite small, but taking shape. When I returned home at the end of the day, I snapped the above photo–what an industrious little bird. It got me thinking about how we build our own homes. I am asked often how I decide what makes it into our homes and the stores. How do you know when something is right? Just like that sweet bird, build and create your nest piece by piece. If you love something, you will make it work in your home. A home should be made up of all things you love. Things from your travels. Goods you found when you least expected to find them. Pieces you save for, and pieces you buy on a whim because they speak to you. One at a time, object by object, piece by piece, and you will have a nest unique to just you that you call home.