Santa Maria Novella Armenian Papers

June 13, 2012

20120613-073749.jpg These fab incense papers from Santa Maria Novella are exactly as they were in the 16th century. I feel like I am lighting a piece of history when I burn one of these, which I love–feeling transported in time. Simply accordion the small piece of paper, light one end, and the frankincense and myrrh scent will fill the air. The Old World scent is really like no other. The papers even release a bit of the scent when unlit. We keep a box on our dresser, and we get a whiff of the scent each time we walk by. I like to include a few sheets when I write a note to a friend, and I also like using the sheets as bookmarks. They also works wonders in the linen closet, tucked in between towels and bedding. The distinctive red box makes it a perfect little host/hostess gift.