Remembering Your Father

June 17, 2012

20120617-074831.jpg A happy Sunday to all, and an extra big shout-out to all of you Dads out there, Happy Father’s Day! May the day be filled with much laughter, love and memories.

It is a day I will spend with my amazing memories of my own father, Kennedy Watson, who passed away 25 years ago this month, after an incredible battle (actually more of a fight, as he fought it till his very last breath) with melanoma. His training as a Marine served him well. There is not a single day that has passed that I have not thought of him. He was always my greatest cheerleader in any endeavor I chose–I still feel his support bolstering me each day.

For those of you still fortunate to have your Dad still with you, relish each moment you get to spend with him. Savor every smile, argument, meal, trip, gift, phone call. Each moment really. For they will always serve as grateful reminders and loving memories throughout your life.