My Book Proposal Was Accepted!

20120622-072426.jpg I begin work immediately on my book ‘Watson Kennedy: The A-to-Z of Living a More Beautiful Life’ and I am still grinning ear to ear from the news. I can’t thank all of you enough for all of the support and kind words of encouragement I received when I was working on my proposal. I look so forward to having you all along as I work on all the aspects of the book. It will be another fun journey together! The book will be published by Sterling Publishing out of New York. Sterling was founded in 1949, and has published some of my favorite books over the years. I am honored and thrilled to be working with them. Our Friday night martini will be a celebratory one this evening!

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  1. Congrats Ted!! Oh my goodness this is so exciting, I can’t wait. I know that people will be incredibly inspired by your book. May you have the grace to capture all the beauty that is in your head on paper. Who you are and what you bring to the table is incredibly unique and you have such an eye for beauty.

  2. Yeah! A big congrats! I can’t wait to be in that line waiting for a signed copy from you when it comes out!


  3. Hi Esther. So, so sweet and kind of you to leave such a lovely comment. Meci, Ted

  4. Hi Tammy–I love that! Ted

  5. I just love what Esther expressed in her note! Every opportunity I’ve ever had to walk into one of your shops has been nothing less than enchanting! The way you pull together vintage and modern design inspires me to bring home a little piece of your store and incorporate it in my own home. I can’t wait to devour your first book which, I believe, will share not only your eye for design but your wit and wisdom that embrace the whole idea of fine living!!!

  6. A big congrats to you Ted!!! I simply cannot wait to get a signed copy as well!!! I am so looking forward to your book and know it will be simply delightful and fabulous…as only you are!!! Congrats again!!!



  7. HOLY MOLY! Congrats. Who an exciting adventure. Cannot wait to see! Have a great weekend-

  8. Sincerest felicitations, Ted!!! What marvelous news! No one deserves this literary honor more than you. Looking forward to coming along on your creative journey and ultimately devouring the finished product. Please schedule Nashville on your book tour. Enjoy that celebratory martini tonight!

  9. Hi Ted,

    What fantastic news!! Now you can add “published author” as one of your many accomplishments! I know many people who will want this book. Congratulations and XOX. Tami

  10. Well deserved! Congratulations! 🙂

  11. OMG!!! This is me acting surprised! Of course your proposal was accepted. What publisher in their right mind would not sign you? This news is so exciting! I am truly happy for you and the amazing things you are going to create and share with everyone. Your readers already know what the rest of the world is soon going to find out-Watson Kennedy style IS Ted Watson. Well played, Mr. W! I am beyond excited for you. Sending much “happy mojo” your way!


    I can’t wait to read your book, Ted! I may buy 2 copies just for me- 1 copy to read, the other to take apart and frame, each letter individually! I’m very happy for you and trust tonight’s Martini was especially tasty.


  13. Congratulations! We will all be waiting with baited breath! : D

  14. Diana, so beautifully put. Merci for the kind words & praise. Ted

  15. Hi Carrie. So kind. Thank you, Ted

  16. Hi Holly. It will be an exciting adventure, which I am so excited to take. Happy week-end to you too! Ted

  17. Hi Carol. I did:). My martini was extra fab. I will put Nashville on the list! bestest, Ted

  18. Hi Tami! So good to hear from you. Hope all is swell in your world. Merci or the congrats–twill all be such fun! XOX back, Ted

  19. Thank you so much, Barbara!

  20. Mary, you always say the most perfect thing–thank you. Ted

  21. Jenine, it must have been our lunch right after my book proposal that started all the positive energy the way of the book:). oxo back, Ted

  22. Hi Kandice–thank you! Ted

  23. Andrea Gillis

    I love, love your store and can’t wait to have a copy of your book. I hope you will have a book signing party!

  24. TED! That is wonderful! I came in your shop about a year ago and expressed my desire that you do a book – seems you were working on this! I have done books with Sterling and it’s a perfect home for you! Congrats and it will be amazing and inspirational…invite us all to the book signing!

  25. Hi Sheila. You will be invited to the book signing for sure! Best, Ted

  26. Hi Andrea. We will be having book signings for sure! Best, Ted

  27. A hearty congrats to you! I know that I look forward to reading your book, as do many, many others! All the best!!

  28. Hi Edith. Thank you so much! Ted

  29. Congratulations and look very much forward to reading.

  30. Awaiting the addition of “published author” to your repertoire.
    xo me

  31. What wonderful news! Your talent is not going unnoticed. Can’t wait to see the results.

  32. Hurray! I just read about your incredible news– you will be published & I will be waiting to carry the book in the shop!

    So happy for you!


  33. Thank you so much!!!

  34. You da best Jane!

  35. Jan, thank you for the thoughtful words! Ted

  36. Hi Cheri–I love that you will be carrying the book. Thank you or that! I will send signed bookplates to add, to personalize it a bit. Bestest, Ted

  37. Tedsy – Wow, so happy for you. Can’t wait to read the book….Can we pre-order? Get you scheduled for a booksigning? Say I knew you way back when? Fantastic!

  38. Hi Jewel! I am still floating a bit from the news. You bet, would love to do a book signing at your lovely establishment. Love to! Hope you are swell. Miss you, Ted

  39. Wintry greetings from New Zealand and congratulations on the book deal! I look forward to reading your book, I really enjoy your classy-cosy interior style. Best wishes, Jxxnx

  40. Hi Jaana–thank you so much!!! I am having so much fun working on it. Glad you like the style:). Bestest, Ted

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