A Simple & Rustic Cherry Tart

June 29, 2012

20120629-073307.jpg We are spending most of the week out on the island, and I am getting a start on my book. I find it such a peaceful place to write. I don’t know what it is about writing at times, but it makes me hungry. My breaks mean messing around in the kitchen trying new things. TPS had a full day in the city, so I wanted an easy dinner ready when he arrived back to WestWard, but he was not sure which ferry he would catch. It would be a sort of Italian meal that could be prepared ahead of time, and sit till he arrived. I love those sorts of meals. For dessert, I played with puff pastry sheets that I am so fond of. They make anything made in them seem special. This really was the easiest thing in the world to make, I could not wait to share it with you. I will be making this again for sure. Cherry season is in full swing, so we will have bowls of them around any chance we can.

Slice cherries, using the 2 meatiest pieces from each cherry for this recipe. I liked the uniform-ness of the rounds. Put slices in a bowl and mix with a healthy dose of sugar. This will help draw out the cherry juices, which are great in this tart. Then roll out one sheet of the puff pastry, being sure that it has defrosted but is still cold. On a plate or cutting board, spread another liberal dose of sugar. Place the pastry sheet on that, lightly rubbing the sheet so the sugar adheres. Sprinkle more sugar on the top of the sheet, as well. Place the cherries in the middle of the sugared pastry sheet, and crimp and fold the pastry to create a rustic formed wall, leaving most of the fruit exposed in the center. Brush the pastry with an egg wash. That is it! Put on a baking sheet lined with parchment, and bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or until puffy and browned. This really is the simplest thing, but it looks so cool and tastes so darn good. Enjoy!

I woke this morning to find a lovely post written by my new friend that I made on my last trip to New York, Elizabeth Moyer. We met while we were attending the Blogfest on Design. We hit it off immediately–she is kind, uber stylish, and is a lover of life and the moment. She writes the fabulous blog www.prettypinktulips.com where she shares her insights on living, giving and entertaining with style and grace. Elizabeth asked if I would answer a few questions for a post. She composed such a lovely entry, taking photos from the shops and our home. Thank you Elizabeth!