A Few Quick Window Changes

July 8, 2012

20120708-082943.jpg Summer has kicked into high gear in Seattle. Ahhhh, what a delightful sentence to type out. The windows at the First Avenue shop needed a little refreshing for all the new eyes that would be coming to town for a little July fun. With a nod to Wimbledon and many other Summertime activities, a side window was filled with vintage equipment and glove molds. Let the games begin!

20120708-083224.jpg Speaking of let the games begin. We could not do a window and not have a bit of London take center stage. The countdown has begun for the Olympics, and we could not be more excited! What also excites me are these incredible trunks–glorious, just glorious.

20120708-083943.jpg And we would be remiss if we did not include some sort of bird theme in at least one window. I love watching trends come and go. For us, birds have always played a part of the mix at Watson Kennedy. The trend may end, but our birds will never go away. TPS found that amazing barnacle encrusted branch on the beach when he was taking Bailey for a walk a few years back. It has found a permanent home in that side window, adding a natural element to any display it graces.

A relaxing Sunday to you all. TKW