My Favorite Things Today

July 13, 2012

A quick stroll around the shop and a few new arrivals caught my eye. Some would make great gifts, while other things would just be fun to keep for yourself. Here are a few of my new favorites today.

20120713-053452.jpg This olive oil is amazing, and I think the look & shape of the bottle makes it stylish enough to just leave out on the counter.

20120713-053618.jpg The colors on these boxes looks like a vibrant candy color. Lovely French stationery.

20120713-053751.jpg 3 new scents from Mrs. Meyer’s. We have the apple and parsley by our kitchen sink in town, and I look for excuses to wash my hands.

20120713-054036.jpg The balsamic berry is a seasonal flavor that just arrived yesterday.

20120713-054211.jpg I love host/hostess gifts that can be used. We also love serving pistachios with cocktails. This fits the bill for both.

20120713-054412.jpg A glorious new match striker with a vintage soul.

20120713-054518.jpg A pad of paper placemats that you just pull out the number you need at the time. These have an outdoor picnic vibe to them.

20120713-054702.jpg Anything with a crown always catches my eye. I must have the London Olympics on my mind…

20120713-054830.jpg The scent of this new bar is just soooo good.

20120713-054926.jpg This is just the sweetest book.

A happy, happy Friday to you all in your part of the world! TKW

P.S. If your corner of the world is the Seattle area, check out the Puget Sound Business Journal today. It features an article on Watson Kennedy.